Lots of Stuff Happened


I attended the Annual Conference of the American Association for Public Opinion Research — AAPOR. It was a great experience, and I used the opportunity to pitch the virtues of ranked choice polling to folks at NBC, CNN, et al, and even Nate Silver. But nothing came of it.

The Iowa Straw poll was cancelled.

The ranked choice SurveyGizmo polls I’ve been running here never got any noteworthy traction.

So I put my resume online and soon landed a very interesting C# SQL contract-to-hire position.

But hope isn’t lost. I recently learned of Civinomics, a group in Santa Cruz (go Slugs!) that’s running an innovative RCV poll. And, in partnereship with Fairvote, they put things together just in time for the first GOP debate. I’ll make an effort to describe it in depth, at some point before long. For now, here’s a link to Fairvote’s announcement.


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