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Craig Simon, Ph.D. -- Dania Beach, Florida -- @gitis

Sygnol Branding: Draft #2

The music in this video is from Rain Dance, the opening track of Herbie Hancock’s Sextant, released by Columbia in 1973. I’m hoping to brand Sygnol (AimsPoll’s API provider) with music from the whole album, using snips for lead ins, interludes, promos, and tone. YouTube already permits me to mix and replay this music. But…

Champions of Democracy at Fairvote

nevermind the images

Fairvote, a leading proponent of ranked choice voting, has been running a series of events to celebrate its 25th anniversary. It all culminates in the Champions of Democracy Awards Reception, in New York on Monday night. I think it’s appropriate to send congratulations to Krist Novoselic, who’s been serving as Fairvote’s Chair for nearly a…

First Draft of Sygnol Top-Level Namespace

Sygnol top-level candidates.

  Here’s another illustration of the listicle sorting app I’m putting together. For now, I’m still making images by hand. But I’m also moving ahead on building tools for automated assembly. This 4×4 grid is a draft for the top level of the Sygnol namespace, presented in alphabetical order.  When the system goes live, you’d be…