Ranked Choice Tweeting for the Oscars

Oscar Best Picture Nominees 2017 With Content Codes

Oscar Best Picture Nominees 2017

I’m setting up an experiment on ranked choice polling via Twitter. It lets you rank your preferences for the upcoming Oscars. To use it, you would tweet your ranks using the list below. You can use the link to see a trailer for the film.

CodeTitle Link
maManchester by the SeagsVoD0pTge0
laLa La Land0pdqf4P9MB8
hiHidden Figures5wfrDhgUMGI
heHell or High WaterJQoqsKoJVDw
haHacksaw Ridges2-1hz1juBI

The tweet would start with #syg to announce you’re intending to tweet some ranks. Then you would insert the flag os+ to announce you’re voting for the Oscar’s list (There will be other flags down the line). And then you’d arrange the codes for your list. Case doesn’t matter. There are no punctuation marks between the elements, just spaces.

So a valid tweet would look like this:

#syg os+ mo ma li la hi he ha fe ar

The idea is to rank your preferences, not to predict the winner.

I’m also building a tool to read Tweets based on that syntax. If you’re interested in this, and in seeing other ranked choice polls as they come out, please follow @aimspoll It would help a lot.


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